The hospitality industry is the  largest employer in the world, and has grown faster than any other industry since the economic downturn. Hospitality is ideal for those looking to work in a dynamic, fast-moving industry where every day is different. Whether you see yourself working for a major national or international hospitality business or dream of starting your own company, you’ll be able to gain the knowledge and practical skills you need at the Mankar Hospitality Management institute.

Why choose Mankar Hospitality Management Institute ?

Our course content is developed with support from a wide network of sector professionals to include changes in the industry and we are proud to involve experts in our guest lectures and workshops to directly connect you to the industry .

Working in the hospitality industry is all about giving people a truly memorable experience. Running a great restaurant, maintaining a beautiful hotel or putting on the best club nights makes for a rewarding and challenging career.

Our courses will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to thrive in a growth industry.

What you will Learn from Mankar Hospitality Management Institute

The course covers a wide range of topics that are essential for a career in hospitality management, as well as broader themes in bartending  that will root your understanding of hospitality in the wider business environment, helping you to remain flexible in the job market and contribute more to your employer.

How you will learn

We pride ourselves on giving students a fantastic experience and great support from day one. We’re an inclusive institute with a close-knit community of students and our teaching reflects that. Teaching is delivered through a diverse range of methods, not only to develop your different skills but also to enrich the learning experience. As well as traditional seminars and lectures, you’ll have the chance to go on field trips across the nation,  learn from guest speakers and gain useful, practical experience.

Ultimately, hospitality management should be fun and give you the chance to express your creative ideas in a professional environment – we want your student experience to be as great as your future customers’ will be.

Courses we provide

Food & Beverage Services

Mankar Hospitatility Management Institute offers Food & Beverage Services which is best college in Burdwan district. F&B is a course of 1.6 year, where candidates gain knowledge of the food industry, hotel, and hospitality management. It teaches the students how to assist in the food industries and manages the hospitality of the customers who are taking the services of the business. With the help of the practical subjects, candidates get to learn more about food and its etiquettes that are used in the hotel businesses to serve the customers very well. Food & Beverage Services program is designed in such a way that the candidates can easily fulfill the business demand in terms of hotel and hospitality management. Candidates with pleasant personality, good communication skills, excellent management skills can go for this program.

Diploma in Bartending

Amongst Today’s youth, Bartending is considered one of the Coolest professions in the Hotel Management Industry. As the Bartenders tend to have a very stylish appearance along with excellent juggling skills and tricks just to keep the energy levels high in that particular restaurant/pub. Bartending is becoming increasingly popular among young people as a result of the expanding pub culture in their lifestyles. It will soon be one of the most in-demand professions in the hotel management industry. The nature of the profession contributes to its appeal. In today’s society, everyone wants to pursue a unique career path that differs from others, and bartending is one of them.

Food Production

Mankar Hotel Management Institute offers course in Food Production management which is the academic discipline of Hotel management with a concentration of food processing and preparation skills and techniques. The Diploma in Food Production Management is a short-term 1.5 years course in which 1 year is for academic studies and the final 6 months are rendered as an industrial training program or internship. The subjects taught under the diploma ranges from institute to institute, but the focal point of every discipline is drawn around food production management. Some of the subjects being Cookery practical, Bakery and Pastries Theory, Bakery and pastries practical, Larder Practical, Hygiene, Equipment, maintenance and services, costing, communication etc. Get admission in Diploma in Food Production Management courses at MHIM , . Contact Now!

Cruise Ship Management guidance

Mankar Hotel Management Institute provides Cruise Ship Management Guidance. This program is designed to provide students with the information and skills necessary for a successful career in the cruise industry’s hospitality and food beverage operations, as well as an essential understanding of aspects of life and work on a cruise ship. Students will learn about the cruise industry as a whole. The Cruise management courses are very important for professionals in the hotel and hospitality industries. Looking for a career in the Cruise line you have come to the right place. Get admission in Diploma in Cruise Management courses at MHIM , . Contact Now!.

Spoken English

Mankar Hospitality Management Institute is the best institute ,it offers you spoken English course. Our English language courses help people around the world to gain the skillsconfidence, and connections to realise their potential and transform their lives. We are passionate about excellence and innovation in teaching, delivering quality English language education around the world. Whether you need English for work, study or life, our English courses will equip you with the English skills you need to face the future with confidence. Our expert teachers provide direction and motivate you to achieve your learning and life goals.

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